my goo goo dolls concert review: montclair, NJ 11/11/11

this was the best night i’ve had in a long time and it’s all thanks to the goo goo dolls. obviously. i left school early because i was getting anxiety attacks from how excited i was. :p

we got to the venue about 2 hours and 20 mins before the doors opened and there were already about 30 people in line. the wait flew by though. no idea how since there was a 25 degree windchill. anyway, we got inside and somehow were on the rails! this was a first for me. even though i’ve seen goo 13 times, never have i ever been front row. we were to the right of the stage which is my favorite spot because i love getting the attention of robby and johnny comes over from time to time as well :)

ryan star was an amazing opener. he had so much energy and he got us all up on our feet, dancing. he didnt interact alot with the crowd, especially compared to johnny, but what he lacked in interaction he DEFINITELY made up for in performance! after his set, he jumped off the stage to walk off between it and the rails. at this point i called his name since he was right in front of me. i had my hand out, i dont know why hahaha, but he grabbed it and looked into my eyes and said “hey hope you enjoyed the show” and gave me his guitar pick and walked away. i was pretty siked about it because the only thing i’ve ever accumulated from any concert was a setlist or two. i took some pics of his show, but i had to delete them because apparently my camera’s memory card likes to ruin my life and run out of memory after literally 14 pictures and 55 seconds of video… yeah, pretty pissed about that.

as the crew was setting up for goo, i was hit by something. i looked around kind of pissed because i thought some balcony asshole was trying to be funny, but when i looked down at my feet to see what it was, there was a green, goo goo dolls pick sitting on my purse on the ground. i was fangirling pretty hard at this point and was anxious for goo to come on stage.

i saw melina sit down on a stool on the side stage and out of no where john came up and was talking with her a little and i knew it was time for the show to start because she made kissy lips at him and he kissed her and it was adorable :) jealoussyyyyy. the lights turned off and the place went crazy. they opened with still your song and john came out wearing a beanie! i havent seen him wear a hat since the let love in tour.  

he was really talkative and extremely hilarious that night. he asked the audience for a belt and about 6 flew up on stage. he also mentioned how jersey weed smells like shit. hahaha. he was laughing during some songs too.

the whole concert i had my hand out whenever john would come over to the right side of the stage to see if he’d grab it. eventually, that payed off. during one of the songs, it may have been stay with you, not positive, he walked over to the side of the stage i was at, and this time, he grabed my hand and was singing to me, and as he walked away, he slipped a blue goo goo dolls pick into my hand and smiled. OMGOMGOMG. i didnt know how to react so i just jumped and screamed and shed a few tears cause im a sucker for that shit.

then, another magical thing…

it was time for iris…the moment i’ve been waiting for since the first time i saw goo 4 years ago…THE HIGH NOTES. honestly, i cried. it was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard in my life. this band continues to make me the happiest person i can be. after the instrumental part of the song, usually john just says “and i’d give up forever to touch you…” again instead of the chorus, like how it’s done in the studio version. well, suprise! he went back to the chorus! :D john would sing one line of the chorus, and the crowd would sing the next and it went back and forth a few times. it sounded so much like the studio version to me thta it was almost unreal.

the encore was beautiful. you should probably watch this whole video, it’s all so good and john talks in the middle of the song. :)

during ‘naked’, i went all out…head banging and jumping and everything. robby saw me and made his cute faces at me <3 when the show ended, i felt like going on for another 2 hours, but they had already started packing the things up :( ughh. i waited around for a while until i got another setlist which im so happy about<3

we walked outside and i decided i wanted to wait for the band to get some autographs and pictures; so we waited in the line. i knew we werentt going to see johnny because some guy said a black infinty picked him up about 20 mins ago. that was melinas car, so he was long gone hahah.a few mins went by and people were getting restless so one by one they left and before i knew it i was right up in front! first, korel came out of the venue. he’s the ONLY goo that i havent met. i always thought he was an asshole for some reason… he walked out with his wife, im guessing, and i called his name and asked for a picture. he said “well i gotta run but sure, i’ll take one real quick”. shut the fuck up korel, you dont need to be anywhere because i know damn well that the band is still inside and that bus is not leaving for another 45 mins or so. anyway,

now, this is the most fucking amazing moment of my life…
mike walks out next and we were all calling him over. (this whole thing is word for word by the way. it’s really the only thing from last night that i can remember clearly enough to quote) i asked “MIKE! can i get a picture with you?”. and he looked up from the cd he was signing and said with a smile and a little laugh, “Hey..i know you!”. at this point i had roughly about 50 questions running through my head like: how would he know me? is there someone else behind me that hes talking to and i just thought he was talking to me? HOW WOULD HE KNOW ME?. so i responded back with the only thing i could:” what! really? how!?” and he said “You’re always on twitter!” and he did his cute little mike giggle and he put his arm around me for the picture. i started crying and im crazy overjoyed so i look pretty dumb.

.  honesly guys, those words meant so much to me. i have been a dedicated fan for 5 years, and for a member of my favorite band to recognize me from a small ass twitter picture, well thats just down right awesome. i can still see how he looked up right at me and said he knew me. and it was so casual, too! thats what really got me.  

next, robby walks out. i was so pumped to meet him. connor asked me what i was gonna say to him or have him sign. i already knew. he walked out and it took a while for me to get his attention. but, i called him over and he asked how i was and told me it was nice to meet me. we got a picture and after i said “i know this is going to sound kind of weird…but can you sign my tattoo?” and he laughed and said yeah sure! and he asked what it was of so i pulled up my shirt to show him it and he said “WOW that’s a sick tattoo! awesome!” and he signed it right next to the word ‘love’. 

so, i can say 11/11/11 was very successful. so all of those whiney bitches on facebook that thought it was gonna be a special day, i made mine a soecial day and these guys were a huuugeee part of it. they give my life so much meaning and im so thankful that i stumbled over this amazing band because i dont know where i’d be without them<3

i’ll leave you all with the ‘Name’ jam sesh:

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